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Wednesday Night Dinner / Collaborative Worship

Not Your Momma's Church

​While this worship experience is still a bit of a work in process, you can currently expect the following: 


6:30 - Doors Open

6:45 - Worship begins (Bring Your Own Food this week)

7:30-7:40 - Worship ends


  • Gathering Song - usually a popular song that has to do with the topic for the week

  • Welcome statements

  • Prayers 

  • A New Testament Reading having to do with a theme for the season or 6-week period

  • A discussion about the reading using a few guiding questions

  • A meditative piece of music - usually a contemporary version of a hymn.

  • Prayers

  • A blessing and a sending

  • There currently is no communion as Kat is not yet fully ordained. 

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